This is my cel collection, my favorite is Jem of course. But I also like other 80's cartoons and anime.

Have any Jem model cels or storyboards for sale or trade? Click here to send me a text message. I pay well and have lots of trades.

News & Updates

8/10/2014Selling off art! All cels are for sale except for the pages: Jem - Artwork, Jem - Model cels, Jem - Storyboards. But Jem animation cels are for sale. I'm not stopping to collect animation art, just starting to collect certain kinds like model cels and storyboards.
2/12/2013Some new art uploaded and will add more in the next few days. Soon up to 2000 visitors!
6/11/2012Time for a new logo! With three rockers.
6/1/2012A little update to celebrate the 1st anniversary of when I opened this gallery. A Jem storyboard, two Bravestarr cels, and an Exosquad cel.

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Title Last Updated
BraveStarr (11) 6/1/2012
Conan the Adventurer (12) 2/26/2012
Filmation's Ghostbusters (3) 3/28/2012
Hello! Sandybell (4) 2/26/2012
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (7) 4/9/2012
Jem - Animation Cels (5) 8/10/2014
Jem - Artwork (3) 3/5/2014
Jem - Model cels (55) 3/5/2014
Jem - Storyboards (8) 6/1/2012
Kimagure Orange Road (7) 2/26/2012
Lady Lovely Locks (7) 6/12/2012
Misc. (27) 6/15/2012
Savage Dragon (8) 4/9/2012
She-Ra: Princess of Power (6) 1/29/2012
Street Fighter (6) 3/6/2012
The Real Ghostbusters (19) 4/9/2012

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