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Jem - Stormer Pre-Production artwork
Source: TV
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Added 8/10/2014
Updated 8/11/2014
One of the three rarest original Jem animation art pieces that are known to exist.

This is part of a set that was created by Rudy Nebres when the doll line was turned into an animated mini-series.
Three different sets were created, the first by William DuBay and the third by Paula La Fond. This particular cel is part of the second set. As you can see these were far too complex to animate, and needed to be simplified, and the final result as we all know ended up looking a bit differently. For Stormer, the changes weren't that big though, most notable
difference is the hair.

Only a couple of other cels are known for certain to still exist, of the characters Jem and Jerrica, which can be found in another gallery on Rubberslug. This is the only one I've seen of a Misfit. I was told there might be another four somewhere, likely of the Holograms.

Was purchased in April 2000 directly from Venessa Hart and William "Bill" Dubay himself, art director at Marvel Productions in 1984/'85, who passed away in 2010.

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